Who Is This Mystery Man Seen Kissing Chelsea Clinton?

All the Clintons are cheaters.

Chelsea Clinton seems to have been a very very bad girl lately. She may be married to super-nerd Marc Mezvinsky, but Chelsea’s heart (or at least her lips) are with another.

A covertly-dressed Clinton was spotted “making out” with an unidentified bearded man on Sunday at a small cafe in New York City.

Clinton, dressed in a black hat, sunglasses, and a black coat could be seen making out with a bearded gentleman who was also donning sunglasses and a white hat. It was like the erotic version of those old “Mad Magazine” Spy vs. Spy cartoons.

For reference, this is Clinton with her husband, who is definitely not the man in the other photo:

It’s yet unclear who this man is — Clinton and her “on the DL” boo disappeared shortly after it was taken.

Things have reportedly been rough for Clinton and her husband recently, with reports of “loud spats” coming from their home.

Has Chelsea finally had enough of the fighting? Is it over between them? Only time will tell but we’re sure the identity of her new man will be very interesting.


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