Michigan Man Caught Doing Unspeakable Things To A Goat


According to Dearborn Police, a family was out for a walk when they encountered a man “doing the unspeakable.”

Chaz Markle was walking with his wife Darlene and their two children when they saw a naked man bending over a goat — and you can pretty much guess what happened there.

Markle pulled out his cell phone and streamed the video to Facebook, asking his friends to “please call the police.” The video was removed from Facebook for “graphic sexual content” almost immediately, but not before some of Markle’s friends were able to contact the Dearborn Sheriff’s Department.

“We were able to respond in time thanks to tips from the community,” Deputy Jan Smythe told local newspaper, the Dearborn Journal. “We apprehended 32-year-old Asam Rudibinijad and charged him with cruelty to animals, gross sexual imposition, and public indecency.”

The Markle family, though unharmed physically, says that the children qill be attending therapy to help them cope with the terrifying scene they were forced to see.

Dearborn has seen six sexual assaults on goats and other livestock within the past six weeks. It is unclear if Rudibinijad  was responsible for those attacks as well, but police say they are investigating that possibility.

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