BREAKING: Black Pastor Kicked Out Of His Own Church For Saying Whites Have ‘Inferior Genetics’

Racism happens in all races.

A pastor in Ferguson, Missouri was run out of his church by his own congregation after his comments on racial superiority. While these days you might assume it was a white man, this pastor’s skin color is a bit shocking.

Darquis Williams, 37, has been the lead pastor at St. Hope Episcopal Church for 29 years, but all it took was one comment for him to find that was no longer the case.

“Lately black folks have had a massive test of faith,” Williams told his congregation Sunday according to the Ferguson Reporter. “We see our people beat down in the streets and harassed by cops with inferior genetics.”

If that wasn’t enough, Williams added to his 43% white congregation:

If that wasn’t clear enough, I mean white people.

But he didn’t stop there.

“I am sick of worrying about what inbred crackers are going to do to me and my people next,” Williams told the “booing” congregation.

“Get out!” one woman yelled according to the reporter, while others “responded to this situation with words and phrases unfit for the setting.”

Things got so bad for Williams that he was “forced to make a hasty retreat.” On Wednesday, he announced that he will not be leading the service for the first time in years.

“In my time as your pastor, I have grown to love all of you as God does — perfectly and completely,” he said in the church newsletter. “I ask that you all find it in your hearts to forgive me for my unkind words and continue to allow me to lead you.”

The church Council will vote on his removal Wednesday night after taking comments from church members.

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