Popular Teen YouTuber Planning ‘Live On-Camera Abortion’ For Bitcoin Donations


A popular teen YouTuber tearfully explained last week that he had gone to a party at her friend’s house where she had a bit too much to drink and ended up sleeping with her friend’s dad. The 14-year-old girl told her 1.3 million subscribers that she “didn’t use protection” and “didn’t want to get him in trouble” so she plans to have an abortion.

Rather than just get one like liberal women do every time they get pregnant, Stacey Rhodes says she wants “to use her situation to do some good.” What kind of good, you ask? Well according to Stacey, she has partnered with her local Planned Parenthood office in Webark, New Hampshire to livestream the horrific procedure over YouTube for anyone to watch — and she will be taking donations in Bitcoin.

“Everything’s gonna be donated to Planned Parenthood yo,” Stacey said in her traditional faux-ghetto accent. “Donald Trump and Republicans killed their funding to help girls like me, so let’s keep them open for a few years with this.”

Stacey says the procedure is scheduled for the second week of January. She has not decided if she will make donating to the “women’s health organization” mandatory to view the stream or if she will just ask viewers to hit that donate button.

It’s unclear why she is asking for Bitcoin, an untraceable cryptocurrency often used to buy illegal items on the “dark web.” Planned Parenthood has numerous direct avenues for donations, so many are wondering if this is simply a stunt intended to make Stacey some cash and how much of her story is true.

This is a disgusting stunt that must be stopped. Why aren’t police investigating who got her pregnant? What she says is pretty scary stuff and someone — her parents, law enforcement, anyone — needs to take an interest in what is going on with this clearly disturbed girl.

We reached out to Planned Parenthood about this very important story, but they refused comment.


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