BREAKING: DC Comics Drops ‘The American Way’ From What Superman Stands For


Superman has always been a superhero that embodied American values — specifically, “truth, justice, and the American way.” But DC Comics has apparently decided to change Superman to appease whiny globalist scumbags by removing that last bit.

According to a press release, the phrase was dropped so that the superhero “can have a more global appeal.”

“Currently, Superman is a strictly American superhero, which hurts our ability to market the brand overseas,” DC Comics founder Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson told The Globe on Thursday. “He will still fight for everything that is right, but he will not be confining his leanings strictly to America. In fact, we plan to expand storylines to London, Zimbabwe, and other countries. We have lots of ideas.”

This is a huge break from traditional Superman values, which also used to include fighting for what America stands for: freedom, liberty, life, the pursuit of happiness, and love of God and country.

Apparently, Superman has abandoned all of those in favor of globalism.

But wait — there’s more: Superman isn’t even going to be Superman anymore. According to Wheeler-Nicholson, “we have gone as far as we can with Clark Kent.”

In a “2018 storyline” Kent will be killed off and will “transfer his power” to an African-American man named Darius Brown — an apparently attempt to match Marvel Comics’ terrible decisions to make Thor a woman, Spiderman a Mexican, and to pervert numerous other beloved heroes by changing their very nature.

It’s time for us to rid the earth of the liberal scourge. Our institutions are being destroyed one by one, and very few are doing anything to stop it.

What’s next? Captain America will become a fascist liberal?

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