Muslim Doctor Refuses To Save A Christian Man’s Life On Flight From New York To Las Vegas

Dr. Jaleel Kohmeni raised his hand when the flight attendant on Delta flight 6978 from New York to Las Vegas asked if there was a doctor on board. He told the attendant that he wasn’t an American and that he preferred another doctor help if possible. Unfortunately, he was the man’s only hope.

As he approached, he could see that the man was barely managing to breathe and going in and out of consciousness. What the doctor did next may seem normal to people where he comes from, but here it was simply disgusting. He leaned over the man and asked him if he believed in God. “Yes,” the man answered, “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.”

At that point, Kohmeni informed the flight attendant that he could only “give the man the comfort of knowing Allah will give him the chance to redeem himself in heaven,” but that he couldn’t help save him. The attendant reminded him that he was a doctor and that he was in the United States, not Syria.

The plane instead made an emergency landing in Pittsburgh, where the man was taken by ambulance to Mercy General, where he was pronounced dead. The doctor in the ER said “simple CPR” would have saved his life.

Dr. Khomeni was taken into custody by the Pennsylvania State Police for willfully endangering the life of his patient. Trooper Donald Deekman told us that in their state, the doctor assumed the man as a patient when he raised his hand and subsequently left his seat. Not treating him is a felony. “It will be up to the DA to charge him with felony murder,” said Deekman, “we knew he’d broken the law so we arrested him.”

Two cell-phone recordings of the incident were recovered by officials who said they should be processed and released by the end of the day. Khomeni’s lawyer says he can’t possibly be held accountable for a law in a state he was flying over in a country he’s not a resident of. The nuances are too extreme.

The Pennsylvania DA said in a statement that “ignorance of the law doesn’t exclude you from it.”

Either way, this “doctor” let a man die because he wasn’t a Muslim and because “Allah wanted to judge him.” That’s basically what he said. He wanted to murder the guy for loving God. Hopefully, they charge him with murder and hang him in the town square for all to see.

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