Moore Accuser Charged With Arson After Her House Burns To The Ground

Tina Jackman, one of the women who accused Roy Moore of being a pervert, has been arrested for burning her own house down and blaming it on Moore or “an accomplice.”

The story broke just a few hours ago, and while media outlets scrambled to put the puzzle together, Jackman almost walked away scot-free with a huge insurance claim and a GoFundMe worth millions.

The Camorhonda County Sheriff’s Office says that there are no other suspects and that as of this time the Democrat operative is cooperating with authorities:

“I think what we’re going to find out here is that there was some pretty dark money behind this operation. To be able to pull it off just took more dishonesty than this woman had in her. A few years in prison should straighten her out.

Nobody was hurt in the blaze, but now that it’s been determined that she set it herself, there won’t be an insurance settlement or a GoFundMe payday. The whole thing has backfired.”

Jackman now has to face the stark reality that while she heads off to Minetaqua State Prison, her family is left in the cold with nothing but a pile of rubble and ash to sift through. Oh, how those Democrats love to ruin everything they touch.

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