Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter In Custody After Fatal Accident

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) is under the spotlight tonight trying to explain why her “nearly perfect” daughter, Patricia, is in custody for questioning in a fatal hit and run accident that looks like it involved alcohol and marijuana.

Officer Rich St. Cyr of the Havlin Police Department pulled Patricia Jeffries’ car over for “swerving well outside the marked lanes” and noted that there was a strong odor of alcohol and marijuana coming from inside the car:

“I asked the driver if she had been drinking or smoking and she denied it, which is when I administered a field sobriety test. When she told me her name was ‘go F yourself’ and her address was ‘I want a lawyer at I want a lawyer lane,’ I knew I was dealing with an unreasonable person.”

Jeffries, 23, said the pot they found in the car belonged to her husband, Lindsay, and that the dent and blood on her front fender were there “for weeks.” After determining the blood to still be wet, she was taken into custody for OUI and detained as a person of interest in the hit-and-run death of Sandy Batt, a local woman loved by all.

Pelosi’s office had no comment other than to point out that it is her daughter’s right to seek counsel before making a statement and that it’s obvious by her behavior that the police were trying to “deny her rights.”

Typical Democrat. Raise a little monster and then blame it’s victims and the police when it has to be put down.

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