BREAKING: Muslim Principal Suspends Christian Kids Over Bacon

The Principal of Thomas Woodford Middle School In Marlensboro, New Hampshire says he was appalled when he learned that two Christian boys had been “terrorizing two Muslims” for months by “making them eat bacon and denounce Allah.” The boys, both 7th-graders, were suspended and sent home to “reflect on what they have done.”

Now their parents want answers. According to one of the “terrorized” Muslim boys, the two chastized teens weren’t bullying anyone. The four were just kids on the playground who occasionally shared their lunches:

“Our son was sent home just for being a Christian. He offered a bite of his BLT to a friend. He offered an alternative to the religion of hate his parents belong to. These kids didn’t do anything wrong.”

The school board agrees and says it will reinstate the students and instead investigate the principal, who obviously injected his own bias into the situation:

“What Principal Sameer did violates the contract he has with the school not to interject his own religious bias into the situation. He saw boys losing faith in his religion and recognized it as a Muslim, not an educator. That’s a dangerous road.”

Sameer has been temporarily removed and will undergo several hearings and a psychological test before he is allowed near children again.

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