4 ‘New Black Panthers’ Came Dangerously Close To President Trump Today With A Gun

A story out of Washington, DC seems to be being killed by Democrats on Capitol Hill. Four members of the New Black Panther Party were within 200 yards of President Trump this morning, one with what appears to be a loaded weapon, and no arrests were made. Not only that, the only outlet that reported the incident, the Washington Sun-Chronicle, has pulled the story like it never happened.

The photo you see was taken by Milton Gershmyer, who was waiting outside of the White House gates to get a glimpse at the President as he walked the grounds, part of his new exercise regimen. He told LLOD reporter Art Tubolls that what he saw next was nothing short of frightening:

“These four thugs with those silly hats started walking towards the President. He couldn’t have been a hundred yards away. They were stopped by police and after a slight scuffle, they were escorted from the area and just…let go. That was after one of the DC Metro Cops got a call.”

Nobody will confirm that they called in a favor to squash a story about a terrorist organization plotting an assassination attempt, but what else is new. If those guys were white and armed they’d be dragged to the ground and called “right-wing nutjobs.” The DC Metro Central Command is refusing to comment. The Congressional Black Caucus is also denying involvement in any cover-up.

All we can do is pray that Jesus keeps our President safe.

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