Rosa Parks’ Granddaughter BLASTS Liberals: ‘She Would Have Stood For The Anthem If It Played On That Bus’

February 4th was the birthday of a great American civil rights hero regularly celebrated by liberals who are attempting to dupe blacks into enslaving themselves to the Democrat-invented welfare system, but what her granddaughter said in a speech at historically black Moorehouse College.

“My grandmother did great things, but it saddens me to see my people disrespecting the freedom she fought for by kneeling in protest of our flag and anthem to make political points that could be better made in other ways,” Muriel Fairbanks-Gouldman told the crowd.

“I can guarantee you that if the National Anthem would have begun playing she would have stood up in the back of that bus with her hand over her heart because she loved her country that much,” she continued, stunning the crowd.

“These NFL players and other sports people are setting a bad example for our race by being so disrespectful,” she continued, drawing boos from the mostly-black crowd.

According to the Moorehouse campus newspaper, “three students were removed for booing and one was arrested after he threw a shoe at the speaker.”

Twitter liberals were mad too.

“Worst speech ever,” tweeted Khary Penebaker, the treasurer of the Black Caucus, while Joy Reid called it “shameful” to support patriotism.

Thank you to Muriel Fairbanks-Gouldman for being brave enough to take a stand against this liberal culture of corruption.

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