UPDATE: NFL Will ‘Skip’ The Televised Anthem At The Super Bowl

Roger Goodell has made a statement regarding the threats of mass ‘protests’ at the Super Bowl. Rather than engaging in the controversy at all, the NFL will not show any players on the field:

During the televised singing of the National Anthem, people watching around the world will see the same video we play for those in attendance on the big screen. It’s a beautiful tribute to our troops, in particular those who have been lost fighting for our freedom.

The players will continue to be allowed to display their 1st Amendment right to free speech and assembly. The NFL chooses to remove itself from the controversy.

So the coward won’t just tell the players “no.” He won’t instruct them to stand or show their respect some other way or stay in the locker room. This has nothing to do with our 1st Amendment rights. It has to do with being a patriot and loving your country and supporting your president no matter what.

We had to stand aside and be nice for 8 years while a Muslim street thug homosexual fascist Kenyan ruined our country. You can stand by while a great man makes us all a bunch of money.

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